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Dolphin Up

Developer: hamon
1 usd

"devastatingly addictive" -"a fantastic update to an already-classic browser game." - jayisgames.comDolphin Up is the official Android version of the Flash game Dolphin Olympics 2 by Rawkins Games.
Swim and flip your Dolphin up into the sky and do as many tricks as possible in 2 minutes. Successful jumps build speed, allowing you to swim faster and jump higher, doing even more tricks! Your Dolphin jumps higher and higher, eventually journeying into space!
Features:- Simple, addictive gameplay that anyone can enjoy.- Leaderboards and Achievements.- Gorgeous, vibrant ocean background that changes depending on the time of day.- Two intuitive control schemes (Touch and Classic) to accommodate different playstyles.- Quick and easy Tutorial mode teaches you the basics.- Freeswim mode lets you play and practice for as long as you want.